Residential Cleaning Services

We’ve all been there before: You walk into your home and immediately smell something funky. Your mind starts to race as you wonder what could be causing such a stink. You might even walk around your house, nose in the air, thinking you can sniff it out.

They’re usually found in areas that don’t get a regular cleaning: in the crevasses of cupboards and cabinets, the inside of a kitchen or bathroom trash can, even near the lost leftovers abandoned at the back of the refrigerator.

Find the Source of the Odor

Household odors can come from all sorts of places around the home.  Some of the most common are mildew from damp laundry, garbage disposals or trash cans that haven’t been cleaned or deodorized, or lingering smells from cooking. Unbathed pets and their bedding.

Get Rid of the Odor

You could light a candle, open a window or even spray down the affected areas, but at the end of the day, you’re covering the odor, not getting rid of it.

Treat the cause, not the symptoms. One common mistake many people make is masking the odor. A candle may smell nice but won’t prevent the smell from returning.

To help you on your hunt, and possibly save you from embarrassment when a guest walks in on you sniffing your trash can,  reach out to  a home cleaning expert at SERVPRO of Woodbury/Deptford, to learn about finding and eliminating household odors.

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Residential Cleaning Services include:

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

The SERVPRO carpet and upholstery cleaning service will not only get out the dirt you see, but will also remove the unwanted dust you don’t. A professionally cleaned carpet and furniture may make all the difference in brightening up a room and freshening up your home.

Air Duct Cleaning

We all have tasks around the house that don’t make it to the top of our priority list. Properly maintaining your home’s air ducts should not be one of them. Regular duct cleaning can increase your home’s heating and cooling efficiency and improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe.

Odor Removal

Your basic cleaning service is not going to have the expertise to effectively deodorize your home. Take advantage of SERVPRO’s residential cleaning services to remove unwanted odors.

Sewage and Biohazard Clean Up

Our experts are ready to assist in the clean up of sewage and other biohazard materials and provide deep cleaning services for your home. Find out more about our franchise professionals.